Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Dog!

Notice, Lucille is missing from the photo.  That's because while Rocky was romping around in the first snowfall of the season, she was nestled away in the warmth of her dog bed.  Lucille is neither a snow dog nor a morning dog.  Rocky, however, is always ready for action.  Rain?  Snow?  Nothing stops this girl!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Loyalty (but not what you're expecting)

We just moved to Columbia, MO and, at the request of family and friends, we promise to remain loyal to the Huskers.  More coming soon!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Life Is Good (really)

This is what I woke up to this morning.  Yeah, the camera on my phone is stupid, but you get the idea.  Suck it, haters!

Friday, March 19, 2010

"I Give Props to Those Who Deserve It" Part 1

Like all working girls with families, I am a busy woman.  Luckily, there are doggie daycares in Omaha that have pretty much saved my life.  I'm also a babe on a budget so when I was looking for a daycare for Lucille last year, I found the most fabulous place.  It's Noah's Bark located at 35th and Center. OMG, I absolutely love this place.  The oweners, Rick and Nancy are absolutely amazing.  I love them!  Of course, when I first started taking my baby to daycare I was a nervous wreck worrying about her.  I'd call a few times a day and they were very understanding and considerate.  Lucille had a blast and I was a devout believer in doggie daycare.  I dropped her off before work and picked her up after and she litterally fell asleep in my lap with her head resting on my arm while we drove home.  She was tuckered out and her crazy puppy energy was gone.  She was mellow and happy.  What's also great about Noah's Bark is that, not only does your dog become apart of the daycare's family, but you do too.  There's a real sense of community there between customers and the owners.  After a long day at the office, stopping by the daycare was a breath of fresh air.  Rick and Nancy are just so nice and they are genuinely good people with wonderful senses of humor.

Another bonus about Noah's Bark is that instead of using overnight kennels when I go on a trip, for a small extra charge they will actually take both of my dogs home with them in the evening.  It is such a relief know that they are safe and warm in the home of people I trust.  They even let my pups sleep in their bed with them!!

Another reason I love Noah's Bark is that, in addition to being great people with a business they enjoy, they genuinely care.  They care about the dogs' owners, but more importantly, they really care about their canine clients.  I'd like to think that Lucille got the royal treatment, but I'm pretty sure Rick and Nancy treat every dog like that (kind of like how my grandma had a way of making all of her grankids think they were her #1).  I get emails from them from time to time checking up on the pups and they really make you and your dog special.

Did I mention that they are super affordable??

Ok, I swear they aren't paying me for this write-up.  I genuinely feel this way and they deserve every kind word they get.  A couple of cool things to note: You know how I was talking about the Noah's Bark community?  The last Friday of each month is Yappy Hour where they invite "moms and dads" to join them after work for food, drinks, and play time with their dogs.  They also do adult outings to wineries and fun things like that.

Their web page is www.inoahsbark.com and they also have a monthly email newsletter that you can sign up for.  Check 'em out!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Road Warriors

I have tried, really, to be a responsible mother and seatbelt my kids in whenever we go for a drive.  However, this has been a disaster.  I tried it three times with three different devices with Lucille when I got her and she would run around in circles until she was all tangeled up and almost choking.  I've tried it three times again with three different devices with Rocky and again, I have failed.  With the first two devices, she simply maneuvered her way out of them (I should have names her David Copperfield) and today, she got all tangled up and started crying on the way from Lincoln to Omaha.  I pulled over to release her and it gtook a lot of work to free her and meanwhile, Lucille snuck out of the car, giving me a panic attack when I couldn't find her in the front seat after I was done with Rocky.  It was straight out of Lifetime Movies when a mom loses her child - screaming, crying, the whole thing.  "LUUUUCCCCIIIIIILLLLEEEE!!!!!"

Finally she skipped up to me and I put her on the car and we were off again.  Rocky was free in the back and she kept lunging to the middle console and try to move to the front.  She's a strong and stubborn girl (like her namesake) and it takes A LOT of strength to push her back.  We almost got into two accidents on the way home today.  So...what is a girl to do??? 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

...No shame at all...

...No shame...

I understand the argument, ok! I know that dogs are dogs, not people, and therefore to "some" it is inappropriate to dress dogs up in cute little outfits. I whole heartedly disagree. If this is based on the idea that dogs are animals that are related to their wild counterparts, I don't buy it. I mean, are dogs supposed to eat kibble made with rice and vegetables? Is that what I would find African Wild dogs eating? In the wild do dogs have warm beds and are they crate trained? Most rescues recommend crate training, something that I fully use, but since it's a DOG should I not crate train her? Psssh.

Lucy looks fabulous in clothes and bandanas and she enjoys the attention. During the last presidential campaign, she was a great ambassador for democrats when we showed our presence at Sarah Palin's speaking engagement. Republicans love a well-dressed pug, even when she's wearing an "Obama '08" shirt. It was a good way to start engaging in dialogue. Sure, some may argue that I am taking away my dogs' dignity by dressing them up...those people obviously don't know how flattering pink can be. :p